Our First Fundraiser Success!!!

An enormous thank you to everybody who attended, supported, and enjoyed Stride’s first event on May 20th! It was truly a special and effective event for our budding not-for-profit:

– From Chloe Kaplan (founder) –

Stride’s first event went off without a hitch! On a day when it was supposed to rain, in a city where people flee to the beaches and countryside at the fist sign of sun, for a program that nobody’s heard of – I have to admit, my nerves nearly got the best of me. And yet, come May 20th, the sun peaked through the clouds, the wine was delivered (thanks to The E.U. – a delicious restaurant on the lower east side), the food was prepared (thanks to my dedicated and creative mother), and the guests were arriving – thanks to my incredible friends and supporters!

After an informative presentation from Tanya Navas, head of the Next Steps Education Program at Washington Irving, a division of The Union Square Partnership – I stepped up and thanked everybody for coming out and showing their support.

As many of you know – certainly those of you who heard me speak – this program has been a passion project of mine for quite some time. Inspired by the reality that my success and the fact that I am living my dream is because I was given the incredible opportunity to go to college on somebody else’s dime – a luxury I didn’t fully appreciate until recently – I decided to start a program that would give that same freedom to students who have the same potential but don’t have the same means. For most of the students entering Washington Irving High School in Union Square, college is not even on their radar, and not because education isn’t important but because they already believe it’s not an option. The battle for scholarships come senior year is daunting and unrealistic when they look around at the hundreds of other students they might be competing against, and that’s just at their school. STRIDE aims to change their perspective by offering students the opportunity to go to college at the freshman level.

So, thank you again, each of you who came and for those of you who couldn’t make it but sent a donation in support of this cause, it’s been an incredible beginning. And, an extra special thank you to my friends over at Hogan and Hartson, who without their tireless work I would be nowhere without – the lawyers are truly the people who facilitate groups like STRIDE being in existence! I look forward to a long and successful relationship with all of you going forward!




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