Who Do You Know?!?

Hey Everyone – I just sent out an email to the STRIDE email list looking for connections to foundations via board members – we need to raise money from institutions to get the first class on their way to a college education…

STRIDE is counting down the days to the first class of scholarship receiving students in Fall 2008. It may seem like a long way away, but it’s really just around the corner and STRIDE needs your support!

If you or someone you know sits on a board of trustees for a foundation (or handles institutional donations) please send me their information. STRIDE is in the process of writing grants to foundations and if you think you could create a long-term relationship between STRIDE and a foundation that is close to your heart, it would make a world of difference. As you may know, STRIDE’s costs begin and end with the students, with no staff and minimal administrative fees* every dollar STRIDE gains is one more to send a student to college.

* A small percentage of STRIDE’s earnings go to Union Square Partnership for their dedication and commitment in giving STRIDE a home


Chloe Kaplan



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