The latest… (Stride’s Independence!)

As promised in our email – we have more news about Stride! (for those of you who haven’t received an email from us click here – or in the sidebar of the blog to sign up!)

As you all may remember, STRIDE was working with an organization called Union Square Partnership (USP). This relationship made sense because of their fabulous education program at Washington Irving High School called Next Steps. In order to get our organization off the ground, STRIDE needed the support of USP – not only to have a place to receive donations that were tax exempt but also to receive guidance in the early months. Thanks to all of your generous donations, STRIDE is now in a place where it can become an independent entity. In 2008, STRIDE made the decision to incorporate and begin the process of gaining its own tax-exempt status.

This doesn’t change anything for how STRIDE plans on operating at Washington Irving High School. We look forward to continuing to build a relationship with Next Steps and having STRIDE students fully enjoy the benefits of their program (which is available to all Washington Irving students.)

For more details about the STRIDE program check out our Blog posting, THE STRIDE PROGRAM, under “Recent Posts.”

We hate to bring up Fall with Summer just around the corner, but with Stride’s program starting in September of this year, the excitement is just too much. As planned, we are launching the program with 5 students and have just completed the first draft of an application that students will fill out for a Stride scholarship. Please feel free to check it out by clicking 2008 STRIDE APPLICATION, or under our “Recent Posts” section. We’d love your input, comments, suggestions, and questions!!!

For more information or if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email us!


One response to “The latest… (Stride’s Independence!)

  1. Hi Chloe,
    I just wrote a check to the Union Square Parnership and am getting ready to send it, but it sounds like I should be writing it to someone else. Maybe this could be clearer on the website, and where to send donations to.
    Love from Your Aunt Barbara

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