Stride thanks the following individuals who have given us their invaluable time and knowledge…

Tanya Navas, Director of Education, Next Steps – Tanya is the raison d’etre that Stride is at Washington Irving High School. A passionate individual who works day in and day out with the students, encouraging and motivating them to achieve their goals. Tanya sits on Stride’s advisory board.

Hogan and Hartson – our dedicated team of lawyers Cheryl David, Scott Friedman and George Hritz for working tirelessly with us to get all the necessary documents together. The hours and commitment they have shown to this project has been inspirational and truly motivating.

And to everybody involved in pulling the event together:
• The W Hotel for providing the location and the alcohol!
• Brother Jimmy’s for making catering to our little grassroots organization affordable (and to Bill and Maria Spears for generously picking up the tab!)
• Robert, Grant, Jane and Cade for their invaluable extra hands at the door and at the front desk!
• To Gotham Magazine and Madeline Chocolates for helping us make our gift bags both entertaining and delicious!
• To our favorite graphic designer, Kassidy Gala for her exquisite eye – she designed the invitations!

And last but not least, to all of the amazing individuals who donated incredible items to our silent auction – click here for a complete list!

If you won an item at the event we will contact you separately!


12,000 and counting and the checks continue to roll in!

Our deepest gratitude,

Chloe Kaplan & Sabina Breece


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