STRIDE has teamed up with a new after school program at Washington Irving called Think College Now.  Think College Now is a non-profit component of the umbrella education program, Next Steps.  Washington Irving’s top 25 academically eligible freshman were accepted into the Think College Now program at the end of October (the selection committee included Washington Irving faculty, Next Steps and Stride leadership).

The Think College Now program meets twice a week and is and after school class that provides academic enrichment, giving students the foundation for scholastic success.  Out of these 25 students, Stride will choose 5 recipients of the scholarship and welcome them into the program.  Over the next few weeks’ students will be working on their applications and beginning their pursuit of a college education.  They have a Stride application submission deadline of December 15th at which point the scholarship selection committee will review and select the very first Stride participants!  By mid January we will announce the recipients of the Stride Scholarship and give each of you an opportunity to connect and support these students in helping them to reach their academic goals over the next 4 years.

One of the many ways you can show your support is through our mentor program.  Spearheading the mentor program is our newest member of the Stride Team, Roberta Brenner.  Roberta brings to the position a strong and relevant professional background as well as innate skills of connecting with and inspiring others to be their best.  She is currently a life coach and Chief Catalyst of LifeLift for Women.  Before becoming a coach she spent over 20 years as manager director of her own executive search firm, Roberta Brenner Associates, Inc.  Roberta says she is thrilled to have this opportunity to give back and play a key role in such a worthwhile initiative. She is looking forward to recruiting and working with talented and dedicated mentors for the Program.

To find out more about how you can be a mentor, please stay tuned for a recruitment letter from Roberta to follow in the coming days!!!

To find out more about STRIDE or to donate, please contact


Chloe Kaplan and Sabina Breece


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