A Word From Our Students



I feel very fortunate to be one of the recipients of the Stride’s Foundation Scholarship, which has only been possible with your generous help and support. I am doing well at school and studying very hard to achieve my dreams and goals. I would like to thank everyone who has benefited the Stride Foundation and contributed to making dreams of people like me become realities.


Tenzin Yingsal


Dear Stride Donors & Sponsors,

How are all of you guys doing?! Hope you guys are doing great in this wonderful time of the year :).Well I am writing this letter to firstly thank you so much for supporting The stride Foundation because if it wasn’t for you guys I clearly would be really worried for college. Well this semester so far is going pretty good better than I actually thought it would, I figured it was going to be super hard but turned out pretty good. I just really thank you in the name of Chloe ,my friend Tenzin , and all the stride people and myself for sharing what you have towards us and that we are very thankful for your help , you guys are just beyond the greatest people for being part of the future of myself &Tenzin. There are plenty more teens such as us who want to be in our spot but we need you guys to keep supporting this wonderful foundation to make dreams of other teens possible like you guys did to me by supporting stride ,it’s a great experience so you will just make it way better than how it already is 🙂 wish you all beyond Happy holidays have a great 2010 hope the new year is filled with joy, love, peace, happiness and health so you can keep on supporting stride in the 2010:)Thank you once again  for being part of the future of my life.:)


Alejandra Romero 🙂


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