STRIDE is a high school scholarship program concept conceived by Chloe Kaplan Hall in 2007. Fully aware of the disconnect between students in urban high schools and their understanding of the future awaiting them in college, Chloe developed a program that would not only support students’ efforts to successfully complete high school, but also assist them in being able to attain college degrees.

2008 proved to be a big year for Stride. Chloe welcomed friend and fellow New Yorker, Sabina Breece, to the project and together they were able to grow Stride to the burgeoning non-profit that exists today.  Over the course of that year, the girls teamed up with Washington Irving Public High School in NYC’s Union Square to recruit the first class of students.  Additionally, Chloe and Sabina worked tirelessly to compile all the forms and documents necessary to not only incorporate Stride but to get 501c3 status – making Stride a legitimate not for profit foundation just as the year came to a close.

In the winter of 2009, Stride Leadership and Washington Irving High School faculty selected the very first class of students into the program; two high school freshman students with incredible drive and promise.

Today, Stride boasts a dedicated board of six dynamic individuals, all of whom works diligently to engage and educate the community in efforts to raise funds for future students.


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